How to get 2.4GB for GLO network

Note: For this to work you have to be eligible for “Glo Oga SIM” and “Glo Yakata” tariff plans to activate it.

 Glo Oga SIM tariff plan eligibility works on all new SIMs, while old or existing users can only get eligible without subscribing for 90 days.

STEP 1: Once you notice you are eligible on GLO OGA SIM, kindly migrate to the other tariff plan, GLO YAKATA tariff plan by dialling *220# and after that, you can dial *100# to verify your tariff plan.

STEP 2: Now recharge your line with N500 only and you will be given free 600MB + 1750 airtime to call all networks. Now, check your data balance by dialling *220*1#.

STEP 3: Since your N500 is still intact, dial *777# and select the 500 data subscription of Glo Oga SIM which gives you 1.8GB data.

You have gotten the 2.4GB data because 600MB + 1.8GB = 2.4GB data. Valid for 21 days.

 In summary, Glo Yakata SIM gives you free 600MB for recharging for the first time and you use the 500 naira you recharged to buy Oga SIM plan of 1.8GB. Simple!

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